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Stories of my adventures around the globe, covering everywhere from Las Vegas to Chernobyl to the Arctic Circle.

Amsterdam, illuminated

In January we went to Amsterdam for the annual Light Festival. Amsterdam is a city I’d wanted to go to for years, yet despite it being just a short flight away, we’d never actually been. The Light Festival seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick off 2017, and after heading to Norway in December, we weren’t worried about it still being winter – anywhere would feel warmer!

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Chasing Magic

When I turned 29, I decided I really wanted to turn thirty on a beautiful island with white beaches and palm trees. I spent ages researching islands in the Maldives. I bought endless pairs of flip flops. I changed my mind about snorkelling a million times.

So it was only natural that we ended up going to a completely different kind of island.1

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  1. Joe’s dad was really ill, and we didn’t want to be away as long or fly as far as originally planned.

A week in Paradise


‘So how long were you here for?’ the cab driver asked. We were on our way to the airport and I really, really didn’t want to leave.1
‘Just a week.’
‘A week in Paradise,’ he replied.

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  1. So much so, I’d already asked a porter at the hotel to hide me in the luggage room. He laughed like I was joking and told me he could find me a job. I did seriously consider it for a minute.