I bought Blossom.nu back in 2005, mainly because I felt I was growing out of my old domain, star-girl.org, which I bought when I was about sixteen. Over the years I’ve skipped through various other domains including starshine.la, crystal-ice.org and the most popular, my original kutekitten.com domain which sadly got taken over by squatters. I’m happy sticking with Blossom.nu because I think the name reflects the current state of my life, blossoming (hopefully) into something new and much improved. It holds the reminder that even with change, the basis of something remains the same and can be cherished and recognised for that.

Blossom.nu wouldn’t exist without WordPress, which is possibly the best invention since the Internet. I’m a big WordPress fan as it offers the (generally uncontrolled) flexibility and versatility that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve used a lot of different blogging, management and content applications over the years from Greymatter to Movable Type, but WordPress is a firm favourite for me.

Blossom.nu also wouldn’t exist without Dreamhost, my lovely shiny web host who continues to amaze me with value for money, breadth of services and free stuff.

I’m often asked what inspires me, and the answer is that I’m not really sure. I often open up Photoshop with a specific idea or selection of colours, and then end up creating something completely different. I do listen to music a lot whilst I’m designing and I do think that influences me. Things I read, and colours and patterns I notice (both in real life and online) are important because I’m a very visual person. A lot of my ideas also stem from something existing that I notice and think I could improve on or change in some way.

I’m completely self-taught, driven only by my inquisitive nature and my love of writing, coding and design. I’ve made around 80 or so layouts and themes for my sites, many of which never premi├Ęred in public because of my perfectionist nature. I’ve worked with frames, Iframes, tables, DIVs, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and about a million other elements to craft various different websites from ezines to ecommerce solutions.

From the moment I started to teach myself webdesign, I adored content sites, and I’ve worked over several years to build up hundreds of (hopefully) entertaining and useful pages for my visitors. Since opening this domain, however, I’ve pruned a lot, editing, deleting and adding as required, as both my writing style and outlook on life have changed considerably and will always be in flux. At the moment the site has content to appeal to all ages, and whilst a lot of it is left over from my earlier teenage years, such as quotes and dollmakers, they remain popular aspects of Blossom.nu and will stick around as long as they’re getting visitors.

Currently, Blossom.nu has a few hundred subpages from quizzes to articles to tutorials. I hope you enjoy reading them and using them as much as I enjoy writing them. I don’t list credits for websites and tools except on request due to the amount of broken links and changing pages, but if you want to enquire about anything just contact me.

Links to my site are always greatly appreciated; buttons and code are available here: Link Blossom.nu.