Pixel Fonts

Rules and Information

If you use these fonts, please link Blossom.nu so other people can use them too. If you know that I have included a copyrighted font here by accident, please tell me
I have virus scanned these fonts using two well-known virus scanning programs, but you still download them at your own risk
These fonts will only work on Windows.
Font Count: 16


1. Click the image and download the font. Remember to select Save to disk.
2. Once it’s downloaded, open up the folder you downloaded it to and drag (click, hold and move) it into your Fonts folder (My Computer > Control Panel > Fonts or similar).
Do not double click and open the font itself, you don’t need to.
3. You may need to go to File > Install New Font if you have a pretty old version of Windows
4. Open up any graphics or text program and the font should appear in the drop down menu for you to use.