Dear Future Jenni

By the time you’re reading this, you’ll be Present Jenni rather than Future Jenni (freaky).

I’m Past Jenni. I wrote this blog entry on 8th July 2012 and scheduled it to be posted in five years’ time, a realllly long time ago for you, but today for me.

In the world at the moment:

The iPad 3 has recently been released, retina MacBook Pros have become available and Facebook is the world’s biggest website. Apps for phones are cool. We’re on the Samsung Galaxy S III (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘the rest of the world’ – you’re still on the original Samsung Galaxy because you spent all your money on a laptop and a Nikon D3100).

It’s about to be the London 2012 Olympics, which at the moment you can’t talk about because even breathing in the direction of London is considered a trademark infringement right now. I’m not sick of them yet but I bet I soon will be. Euro 2012 has just finished and Spain has won in a very spectacular way, which is good because…

…the economy sucks. Badly. There are rumours that it will be shit for at least another five years in your time, so if that’s true then I feel bad for you. Also, just so you know, I haven’t really saved any money because I’ve bought domain names instead. Hope that’s cool and you aren’t cursing me too much.

Facebook is the most popular site on the web, and Google and Twitter aren’t too far behind. Pinterest is still invite-only, but it’s going to be huge. I’d probably have bought shares if I’d had any money worth mentioning (refer back to domain names point above).

I’m kind of hoping you’re rich. But more than that I’m hoping you’re successful and happy. And if you’re not, you CAN be and you WILL be, so you’d better not give up or I’m getting a time machine and kicking your ass.

Job-wise, I, Past Jenni, work in SEO and social media. Not sure if those things still exist. I bet they will though, and I bet you’re still heavily involved with them. I’ll bet there will be a new, cool website that everyone will be obsessed with. I hope you’re an early adopter. I’m kind of obsessed with photography right now, and I’ve just bought a macro lens. Are you still interested in photography?

Site-wise, had a red city layout that looks kind of like this:

Remember? That’s the layout I, Past Jenni, currently have up. I’m kind of happy with right now but it needs a lot more fresh content. I hope you’re on top of that and you have lots of visitors rather than tumbleweed blowing through.

You’re with Joe, and you love him to bits because he puts up with all your crap. I hope he’s still around for you.

Future-Jenni-now-present-Jenni, tell me about yourself. What have you done in the past five years? Where have you travelled to? Where are you living? Is there anyone no longer with us who you miss? Is there anyone new in your life I should know about? Remember everything you planned to do career-wise? How’s that panning out?

I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything is good with you because 2012 has been a tough a year so far for me.


Past Jenni (2012 edition)

PS In case you forgot, you thought it might be a good idea to do this again for another five years in the future.

PPS Totally called Groupon’s crash.

Links, lately

Links, Lately

My blog posts have always generally reflected what’s going on in my life in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a business focus, sometimes personal, sometimes a combination of the two.

Lately my blog posts have been sporadic at best, and that’s because I’m spending 90% of my waking time obsessed with something I can’t talk about yet (yes, annoying vagueblogging – but you will find out when I’m ready. Promise).

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House Rules

House Rules

Hey, come in! Make yourself at home.

I’m happy you decided to drop by today. Just so you know, we have a few house rules around here…don’t worry, nothing crazy. Let me tell you about them

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How to believe you can do anything

How to believe you can do anything

I came across a Facebook thread today that consisted of this simple question: ‘What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to sell?

I’ve sold some pretty tough things in my time, but hands down the hardest was writing copy for a product which was literally “Air In A Can”. It wasn’t air for your computer, or your bike, or anything practical.

It was literally supposed to be purified air that had ‘health benefits’. Legally and morally, it was a minefield. Not to mention the number of people who bought it and complained they’d received an empty can (what were they expecting? Maybe they thought, ‘They can’t possibly be selling empty cans to people’).

When I sat down to the task of writing the copy (after much objection – I don’t have a reputation of being awkward for nothing), I had no idea what to write. But eventually, I came up with something I was happy with.

And at that point, I felt like I could sell anything.

Progress Not Perfection

Sometimes there’s times in life where something seems ridiculous, or impossible, or unattainable. But when you do it, you have a kind of ‘I can do anything now I’ve done that’ moment.

Another example is when I spoke at Google in London a few years ago. At the time I was in the middle of a depressive episode, on heavy medication, and had been working 80+ hour weeks in the run up to the event. I didn’t think I could go through with my presentation, which was in front of customers and senior people at the company and even Google employees.

But once I got into the flow of it, I was fine. I even enjoyed it towards the end. I don’t have much public speaking experience and it’s terrifying for me as an introvert, but after I finished speaking and walked off the stage, I felt amazing.

Speaking at Google

Often, now, when I think about a task that seems impossible, I go back to those times. And some of the worst times I’ve had in my life, where I’ve thought ‘I’ll never get through it’. And I realise that I did. And it wasn’t so bad. And sometimes it worked out better than I thought possible.

So if you’re like me, and you self-sabotage, and you think ‘I can’t handle that’ or ‘I won’t be good enough’, even if it’s something like a ridiculous work task or public speaking, face your fear. Think back to other difficult things that you got past or ended up in succeeding at or that worked out for the best eventually. You’ve got this.