Important Notice

  • The graphics tutorials are here purely as a starting point for those not familiar with the programs, and as a reference for those who (like me) can’t always remember the exact steps or settings for particular effects. They can also be used for inspiration. I fully believe that you should treat these tutorials as a beginning for developing and using your own effects and creating unique graphics.
  • I’m not claiming to be the oracle of webdesign in any way, shape or form. I believe that people never stop learning, and this is especially true in terms of creating digital artwork and developing websites. I’m only human, so if you spot an error (whether grammatical or coding), or have a suggestion about how I could improve, please e-mail me.

Guidelines and Instructions

  • If you find my tutorials helpful, please link me.
  • Please respect the time and effort I put into these tutorials by not recreating them (linguistically similarly or identically) on your own website or using the images from them, without express written permission from me.
  • Follow each tutorial in a logical, step-by-step fashion. Don’t just skim the tutorial, assume it’s too complicated and ask me for help or give up. If you get stuck on a step, try and think it through, or if something turns out wrong, repeat from the beginning.

Tutorial Count

  • Graphics Related Tutorials: 146
  • Coding Related Tutorials: (still in progress)


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Graphics Related Tutorials

Jasc Paint Shop Pro (PSP) 7 and 8 Tutorials
Tutorials for the popular graphics programs. Found the tutorial you want, but it’s for a different version of Paint Shop Pro? Try it anyway, with common sense you should be able to work it out.

88 Tutorials JASC PAINT SHOP PRO 7 3D Text Adding Borders Airbrushing Angled Text Avatars/Icons Background (Diagonal Lines) Background (Mosaic) Blending Brushes (Making) Brushes (Using) Checkerboards Checkerboards II Colourising Images Colour Match Cutting Images Diamond Text Drawing Content Frames Disco Ball Erasing Jagged Edges Faded Blog Square Faded Text Feathered Images Galaxy Gif Error Glowing Text Glowing Text II Grids Grids (small) Grunge Borders Grunge Lines Images For Contests Image Text Image Maps Invisibility Layering Lighting Linestretch Link Buttons Mosaic Images Motion Blur Motion Stretch Optimising JPGs Outlining Text Outlining Images Paint Effect Paint Shop Pro 7 Tool Guide Patterns Picture Tubes Pixelate Images Punk Dots Rainbow Images/Text Raised Text Rollovers Scanlines Selective Colourising Selected Text Selected Borders/Frames Shadowed Text Silk Effect Slicing Images Softening Glow/Gaussian Blur Spikes Starry Spikes Swirl Tape Tentacles Texture Grids Threshold Tubes Viewing Grids Warp Effect Water Effect Weave Dots Wind Effect JASC PAINT SHOP PRO 8 Blending Bubbles Colourising Erasing Backgrounds Image Maps Slicing Images Installing Brushes Making Brushes Metallic/3D Text Outlining Text Shadowed Text Squiggly Edges Using Brushes

Coding Related Tutorials

Make-A-Website (Beginner)
A set of tutorials which will help you to make your own basic website from scratch, for free.

8 tutorials Advice and Disclaimer Steps 1 and 2: Signing Up/Making Folders Steps 3 and 4: Creating and Editing Pages Step 5: Uploading and Using Images Step 6: Aligning Text and Images Step 7: How to Link: URLs and Images Step 8: Creating an Index page Step 9: Creating a ‘Frames’ layout Step 10: Jazzing up: Basic Web Tools What Now?

Older Tutorials

Please click here to view the rest of the tutorials that were at and haven’t yet been re-written or transferred.