• Introduction to CSS
  • Complete Guide to Developing a Stylesheet
  • Cursors http://star-girl.org/pages/tutorials/csscgi/cursors.php http://star-girl.org/pages/tutorials/csscgi/customcursors.php
  • CSS Link Styles & Effects http://star-girl.org/pages/tutorials/csscgi/linkeffects2.php http://star-girl.org/pages/tutorials/csscgi/linkeffects.php
  • CSS Text Effects
  • Inline CSS
  • Blockquote Customisation
  • Styling Forms with CSS
  • CSS3 Box Shadows
  • CSS3 Rounded Corners
  • Bullet Points & Lists http://star-girl.org/pages/tutorials/csscgi/bullet.php http://star-girl.org/pages/tutorials/csscgi/bulletpoints.php


  • Contact forms
  • Drop down menus
  • 5 practical jQuery effects/tutorials?
  • Button slideshow
  • Password protection
  • JavaScript quizzes
  • New Window checkbox
  • Plugboard


  • Image Maps
  • Image Rotation
  • Image Formats
  • Using Antialias
  • Favicons
  • Image optimisation
  • Lightbox
  • Image gallery
  • Creating social media icons


  • A Guide to HTML Basics
  • Displaying HTML
  • Linking [inc. targeting links]
  • Tables
  • Thumbnails
  • DIVs

Site Building

  • Making your own website
  • PHP includes
  • Stop direct linking
  • Using FTP


  • What is SEO?
  • Meta tags for SEO
  • Subpage optimisation
  • Optimising images for SEO
  • Choosing keywords
  • What to avoid
  • Link building
  • Site speed
  • Using redirects

Best Practice Guides

  • When to use tables
  • Code formatting [e.g. not caps lock, />, ending tags properly, listing tags properly]
  • User Experience [e.g. calls to action, giving your visitors places to go]
  • How to display code
  • SEO Content [e.g. keyword stuffing]
  • Fonts & Styling [e.g. web safe fonts, line spacing, title positioning, sizes, colours]
  • Using Images [e.g. size, optimisation, animation, fonts]
  • Promoting your website

Other Tutorials

  • Creating PDFs
  • How to minimise email spam

What is CSS?
Creating a Basic Stylesheet
Backgrounds [repeating etc.]
Styling Web Forms
Bullet Points [various styles + using images]
Link Styling
Rounded Corners

Useful JavaScript snippets [back codes, new window checkbox etc.]

jQuery Expanding Text
301 Redirects
Images – using ALTs, titles, sizes, saving for web modes etc
Displaying code
Useful ALT codes / symbols
JavaScript Quizzes
Image Formats
Using Antialias
Custom fonts with Google Font Directory