Adventures in Austria

If I had to sum up 2015 with a single phrase, it would be the year of new experiences.

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Picking yourself back up when you feel run-down

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted and run-down. In part it’s probably due to:

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A very theatrical weekend

One of my life goals was to see Richard O’Brien on stage in Rocky Horror, and on Friday night I made it happen.

Most dreams you can’t put a price on. This one I could.

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5 predictions for the Facebook ‘dislike’ button


By now everyone’s heard that Facebook is considering an additional feature that many are calling the ‘dislike’ button. This is something I’ve been in favour of for years because my views are the same as Facebook’s: there should be a way to express empathy/sympathy.1

(Side note: Anyone else miss the days where you never found out about a new Facebook feature until one of your friends started using it? Now there’s huge press coverage about features that haven’t even happened yet).

Here are my predictions. They could be entirely wrong, but it’s still fun to (over)think this stuff.

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  1. Whether that’s lazy or not is a different debate altogether. Short opinion: it’s not, but specific contexts need to be considered.