Pot luck

Anyone who’s had the misfortune of seeing me in a full-blown depressed state (actually surprisingly few people, considering) knows how Jekyll and Hyde I can be. The level-headed – hell, even happy – Jenni is logical, smiley, and just generally mild-tempered and behaves vaguely logically.

When I’m depressed or anxious, all that goes out of the window. It’s all black and white thinking, general ‘I don’t want to do anything because it’s all a waste of time’, etc. I’m basically two different people, and as difficult as that is for anyone else to understand process, at least they can walk away from it. I can’t.

So one of my coping mechanisms is to have a messaging system from Normal(ish) Jenni to Psycho Jenni in the hope that it will make things a little easier.

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The relentless pursuit of happiness

“How’s today looking for you?”

It was someone looking to schedule a meeting, but when I read it I probably visibly deflated. I just wanted to reply with, “Actually, today is looking pretty shit generally. I’m completely exhausted and stressed out, and right now I’d just like to be at home on my own in a hoodie watching Mad Men with the cats1 and eating an Easter egg.”


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  1. Probably just Halo. He’s a big fan.

10 ways to inject more positivity into your day

Some days I’m in the unenviable situation of people directing all their anger, frustration and criticism at me, and it’s easy to absorb it all and become a small ball of Jenni sad and rage. So to counteract that and hopefully provide some happiness for other people too, here’s a list of ten ways to make your day more positive.

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The week in links

I didn’t have time to do a ‘The week in verbs’ post because of Paris, so instead here’s a quick round-up of the stuff I’ve been reading and bookmarking on the web over the past couple of weeks.

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