Plotting and scheming

The rest I had at the end of last year was incredible. I like being a busy person (and I get told to slow down a lot), but I just needed some time and space for my brain and body to rest.

Being on medication was the most frustrating thing in the world for me. I was constantly exhausted, and nothing ever shook how tired I felt. I’d go to bed tired, have a great sleep, and wake up just as tired. I went from being a girl who would sort the cats, do house chores, do eight and a half hours at work, go food shopping, go to the gym, and get back home and have dinner, to a girl who struggled to walk to work, work a normal day, and walk home.

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The week in verbs (w/c 16th Feb)

Me: “Doing this ‘The week in verbs’ blog series has made me realise how much I actually do. I do a lot of stuff.”
Joe: “Yeah no shit.”
Me: “Maybe I should stop giving myself a hard time about not getting more done.”
Joe: “You think?!”

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New theme, new name

They1 say that every time someone !important;s something in CSS, a kitten dies.

Going by that, a lot of kittens were harmed in the making editing of this theme, sorry to say. And if you think that sounds uncharacteristically harsh of me, you’d be right.

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  1. Developers. Devs gonna dev.

The week in verbs (w/c 9th Feb)

What I’ve been up to over the past week (8th – 13th February, so a little late), in verbs and lists. This is a brand new series that I’m excited to share, so let’s get started!

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