I read an article recently that stated that creative people get bored a lot. My natural interest was surprise. It’s extremely rare that I consciously think ‘I’m bored’.

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Reading, recently

There’s so much going on in my life right now, and I want to clear it all out of the way so that I have room to breathe and space to be creative.

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The 3 day week

Last week was only a three day working week (I was ill on Monday and had already booked Friday off for a long weekend), but it seemed to go on forever.

This was a good thing in many ways though, because it was a lot of fun. On Friday morning I rushed around getting everything done (packing, cat feeding and watering, cat medicating, cleaning, washing up, eyebrows, showering etc.) before catching a train to London.

Two hours later I was standing outside the hotel I’d booked in Wembley.

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The illusion of serenity

“The truth is only a version,” Doris Canary says in Mister Sandman (and it’s even more significant that this sounds like “The truth is only aversion” to eldest daughter Sonja).

Just like anything else, there is no one truth in photography. Even though photos are often interpreted as being closer to reality than most other mediums, as with anything else they depict the story the photographer chooses to tell.

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