How to make friends as an adult

About six years ago I moved down south for my first job. Living at least two hundred miles away from every single person I knew was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. I ended up moving back some time later, but not before I’d learned a hell of a lot and met some of the best people I know.

I moved there about a week before I was due to start work, and while I was unpacking and getting used to the weather (warmer) and the prices (insane), I spent quite a bit of time sitting in my room thinking, ‘How do I make some friends here??’

It’s easy if you already know at least one person. It’s easy if you have kids. It’s easy if you’re an extrovert. But what if you don’t and you’re not?

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How to survive (and make the most of) Amazon Black Friday deals week

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about getting through the winter months by writing lovely letters to people, going ice skating, and drinking hot chocolate.

Screw that, I’m doing a hell of a lot of online shopping and then going to the desert.

This post covers the first half of that sentence.

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9 small ideas that would make Twitter and Facebook a lot better

This whole post was inspired by this tweet:

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On the Sussex coast

Recently I’ve been going through my old photos for my new travel blogging Pinterest board. There are a few gaps where I’ve been to places but not blogged about them, and Sussex is more than overdue a proper post (there’s a short blog entry about it here: Is it really England?).

Joe’s family lives on the south coast of England in East Sussex – I always joke that it’s closer to France – so I’ve mentioned it before on the blog since we go a few times a year.

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