My morning + evening routines

Do you ever worry about how much personal information you have on the internet?

I don’t. I’ve been blogging so long, and so much of what I do is logged (from what I eat to how many steps I walk to what I’m reading), that it’s not a big deal to add more into the mix. I love random data more, like the fact I’ve walked over 8,785,714 steps since I got my Fitbit at the end of 2012. Worst case scenario, I’m the only person that cares.

There are some things I do draw the line at – you’ll never see me signing up for @bedpost, for example! – but generally, I’m happy to share reasonably personal stuff. So today I’m talking about my morning and evening routines.

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Cheat your way to better blog images with these free tools

I’m not a designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to dabble. I love playing with colour and picking out new fonts and admiring beautiful photos.

Over the years it’s got a lot easier and cheaper to make and manipulate images for blogs. Not only does this mean more time for writing (and all the other tasks involved in running a blog!), but it means you don’t have to buy expensive photography equipment or stock images.

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Clawing back time: a guide for busy people

For two years I was basically in survival mode. I was in a fog of not enjoying anything at all and having no energy and just being really unwell generally. Because I’m a natural pessimist (working on it!), I see it as losing two years of my life.

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What it’s really like to have anxiety

‘How are you?’ she asked.

I was at the dentist for the first time in years.

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