Four and a half things I’ve made this week

Colder weather and longer nights means more nesting! I’ve been feeling more home-y this week so I’ve spent a lot of time making things to break up the whole work/gym/friends cycle a bit more.

(Side note: one of my friends asked me how I have the time to do all this stuff. Mostly they’re things I do sitting in front of the TV in the evening; if I’m watching something, I try to do something else at the same time. Also, prep is key. Having a clear idea of what you want to make and having everything to hand makes all the difference).

On with the makes!

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Adventures in Austria

If I had to sum up 2015 with a single phrase, it would be the year of new experiences.

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Picking yourself back up when you feel run-down

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted and run-down. In part it’s probably due to:

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A very theatrical weekend

One of my life goals was to see Richard O’Brien on stage in Rocky Horror, and on Friday night I made it happen.

Most dreams you can’t put a price on. This one I could.

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