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I’ve been blogging a lot more in recent months (another huge perk to my new job – I spend a regular amount of time in the office and have a lot more ‘free’ time of my very own), but I haven’t blogged in over a week.

So here’s a quick very long update of what’s been going on recently (spoiler: nothing massively exciting)…

Cats, cats, cats

Our neighbour knocked on the door a few days ago and said, ‘Hey, not sure if you’ve noticed but Sin has a huge lump on his head’. We’d noticed he’d been in a fight but overnight it developed into a big lump, and since he spends most of the day out and about until it gets too cold to do otherwise, he hadn’t been back for us to notice yet. However, I’d spotted a change in his behaviour the day before; he was very grumpy and growly with the other cats, which usually means he’s not well, so we already had him booked in at the vet’s. When Sin came back to the house and we saw him, I freaked out because he had a huge abcess. We made him as comfortable as possible and then Joe took him to the vet for his appointment.

By all accounts, he just narrowly missed being blinded, and after a shaved head and injections and medication, I settled him in my room with everything he needed. Since then we’ve been cleaning his wound as directed and dosing him with medication. Several days on and he’s fighting against taking his medication, his personality is completely back to normal, and his shaved fur has almost completely grown back. Thank god.

At the weekend, we fed the cats and were dashing out (running late as usual), when I spotted that Ginge wasn’t, in fact, off outside exploring1, but was in fact curled up in a box looking pretty sleepy. I thought it was odd that he hadn’t got up for breakfast but he seemed fine other than a small cut on his nose so we left him.

When we came back a few hours later, he wasn’t around, I was sitting on the sofa when he limped in looking so sad and pathetic my heart broke into about fifty pieces. I checked him all over; as well as a limp and a nose cut (neither of which I was *too* bothered about given that they looked like minor flesh wounds), his eye wasn’t opening properly and was now full of gunk. Yep, same eye as Sin’s. Since Ginge is a stray and always getting into scraps, this shouldn’t have been a surprise in any way. However, Ginge is an epic fighter; this is the first time he’s ever lost a fight – he has razor-sharp claws and wins against cats double his size and weight. I’m hoping by his sad mews this time that his fighting days are over (I’m not counting on it though!).

After taking him to the vet, it was confirmed that his eye was fine (phew!) but he’d need drops, and the other wounds were minor. The more serious concern was that he had a high temperature. Ginge is the most hyper of all the cats; he’s young, wild, gets bored easily, and I often hoped he’d calm down as he gets a bit older. Well, I got my wish and it was horrible. Horrible. He slept on the sofa all day and all night, and I’ve never even considered the fact he could stay in one place for so long. When he was awake he was all mopey and ‘woe is me’, and I felt so sad for him. I tried to put him to bed in the spare room at night, and he was having none of it; he wanted company, and he was crying until he got it! Fair enough; what works for the other cats doesn’t work for Ginge (abandonment issues?), so sofa it was. He seems to be a bit better today, and he’ll probably be a terror when he’s mostly better but is still trying to hop around and resist medication – maybe I need to invest in some thick leather gloves or something – but it’ll all be worth it to see him back to his usual terrorising self.

Side note: the interesting thing about having multiple cats is that they learn really quckly from each other. Here’s a picture of Halo pretending to have a limp in order to fit in (and get more attention):

The third instalment of cat news is the biggest and most important. Our tiniest of cats, Chiefy, has returned!

This is a big deal as she left around February and we hadn’t even seen her once since then. I was so worried about her, and I honestly never thought we’d ever see her again. I had various horrible scenes in my mind of her being chased out into the road, kids throwing rocks at her, her falling into the canal…ugh. But she just meowed at the front door like she’d never been away and strolled in looking a little thin, but otherwise in perfect condition. Which is even more of a huge relief because last time we saw her, she’d hurt her leg badly and limped home so we could take her to the vet.

chiefyIt just shows the importance of never giving up hope. I’m hoping she just wanted a long summer away on her own, and will be back a bit more permanently now autumn’s kicked in. I’m also trying to make sure she’s more comfortable around the other cats; she doesn’t really know Dee very well at all, and she hates Ginge chiefy2 (their relationship is currently pretty cool given that Ginge only has three working legs and is feeling very sorry for himself, so maybe they’ll get a chance to bond a bit more), and we kept her in the first night. We had the first five cat breakfast in a very long time, and it was manic but in a good way.

What you get if you try to take a photo of a cat at exactly the same time she reaches up to hug you >

Project Organisation

Ever since we got a new kitchen I’ve got the organisation bug and have been organising all the things in the house. I don’t feel like an organised person AT ALL, but apparently I am (?!) because people keep commenting on it. Mostly I just chuck things in boxes and stick labels on them. Like an organised cat or something.

One of the baking drawers:


One of the living room junk drawers:


Craft cupboard:


Conservatory boxes (still a work in progress):


This has taken hours and hours of my life recently. So. many. hours. But as I mentioned previously, the end goal is to free up as much time as possible for fun stuff and to reduce the time spent searching/wondering/tidying/cleaning/doing chores as much as humanly possible.

I know we can make this happen. I sorted the bathroom storage a year or so ago and I haven’t had to do it since, so I just need to make that system work everywhere else. Everything has its own place, and then it’s all good. Until we buy more books and board games of course…

Cheryl & Stu’s wedding

A few weekends ago we went to the wedding of a couple of friends, Cheryl and Stu. Stu I met through my last job, and Cheryl through Stu. I don’t really get to see them as often as I’d like, so I was really happy I got to go to their wedding. It was really pretty and really local – actually their third wedding, since they also had one in Singapore and one in London.

Table decorations and wedding cake (I’m not normally a fan of naked cakes, but this one was beautiful):

At the beautiful wedding of Stu and @cherylwaryl! Love you guys

A photo posted by Jenni (@madebyjenni) on

#Wedding #cake #weddingcake definitely not made by me, I should add!! Looks gorgeous!

A photo posted by Jenni (@madebyjenni) on

Website stuff

So, in addition to all the hours I’ve spent organising my house, the other main reason I haven’t been blogging much recently is because of a new project I’m working on. This whole site is a mess, and a big part of me is annoyed about that. The more reasonable part of me points out that it’s been around since 2001, been through several different web hosts, domain names, CMSs, a decade and a half of code updates and god knows what else, so it would be more surprising if it weren’t messy. So instead of doing all the boring fixy stuff and getting it properly responsive, I’m doing something else entirely. Of course. It’s something I’ve been planning to do for years, and I’m not gong to say much more because I’ll probably curse it, but I’m setting aside specific time to work on it (and get help from Joe), so hopefully it’s not too far away from release. We’ll see.

What have you been up to lately?

  1. Read: peeing on everything