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Recently I’ve been experimenting with different types of blog posts, so here’s another: an account of my weekend, which was a fairly typical one for me as things go…


6pm The weekend starts for me on Friday evening, with a mad dash to clean up the house enough before friends arrive from Down South. In turn, Joe is heading Down South for the weekend, so their paths will temporarily cross somewhere geographically, but they won’t be aware of it.

Luckily there’s not all that much to do and I’ve spent some of the afternoon working from home so I don’t have to travel back in the dark. Double win.

Laura and Dan arrive as I’m doing the washing up, and we have a catch up chat. We discuss plans and decide to stay in – the weather is cold and horrible.

6:45pm We decide to order pizza and watch a film. Unfortunately Children in Need is being shown on TV and the Pizza Hut website can’t cope with the orders and keeps timing out (they’re running a Children in Need special that is apparently being heavily criticised as only 20p of every £20 order is going to the charity). After trying for half an hour, I give up and order from Domino’s instead (I personally prefer local takeaways over chains, but Laura has to eat gluten-free and is limited as to where she can order from). Halfway through ordering, our friend Chris turns up.

I comment on how last time Dan and Laura came to stay, we ended up watching Sharknado 2, and immediately look to see if Sharknado 3 is on TV. It’s not on Netflix yet, but it’s available as a free Sky download. Score.

7:45pm The food arrives. Apparently I’ve ordered the world’s smallest pizza…I swear it wasn’t even a six inch. That’s good though, because I won’t over eat. Sharknado is decent enough for a bad film and provides lots of laughter and eye-rolling opportunities.


10pm Susan, Mike and Lex show up and we start discussing the Paris attacks after Dan mentions them. I quickly look them up – I’m pretty out of the loop as I’ve been taking a break from Facebook and I don’t tend to use Twitter all that much. Horrendous, and scary – Joe and I stayed less than a mile away from them in March (see Paris).

Midnight I’m beginning to fall asleep already; it’s been a tiring week. Everyone leaves around half an hour later, and Dan and Laura head up to bed. I get ready for bed soon after and read a bit more of my book, Last Kiss, a novel about a female serial killer who makes her victims adopt the look on individual tarot cards.


8:30am I wake up to Deedee scrabbling at my bedroom door and decide it’s too early to get up just yet.

10am Oops…I didn’t mean to sleep in this late! Laura’s heading off to visit a friend nearby, and she heads out. I feed the cats and shower. Dan and I decide to eat breakfast out and pack up some board games to take to a local gaming shop. They’re running an all-day event today and everything has 10% off. I message my friend Tony who’s meeting us there.

11:30am We head out of the door and catch the tram. The weather is miserable again and it’s close to raining. I can’t be bothered to check out all the places to eat and I don’t really know what I want, so we go to Caffe Nero and I choose a tuna melt and a slice of Sicilian lemon cheesecake. Perfect breakfast.


12:20pm My melt still hasnt been cooked and I’m getting twitchy. Suddenly one of the staff comes over and apologises for the wait – it got forgotten and then burnt. I tell him not to worry about it and a few minutes later I finally get my food…plus a gift card for a free drink. Nice.

12:45pm As we head up the street the rain is getting steadily worse and I can’t wait to get inside the shop, which is warm and bright. Tony is there with a bunch of other people, some of whom I’m friends with and a few I don’t really know. As the table’s quite crowded and they’re in the middle of a game, Dan and I take another table and decide to play Eclipse.

4:30pm We finally finish playing Eclipse; it took a long time to set up and go through the rules, but once we started it was simple enough. I don’t normally like space games but this one has interesting mechanics and I win, just – 32 points to 29. Anyone who knows me knows I prefer resource-collecting above fighting in these types of games and it’s easy to hit my weak spot, but as it’s a two player game it seems easy to avoid confrontation.

4:45pm I feel bad about not buying anything yet, so I pick up a copy of Port Royal. I’ve never played it but it’s been on my Amazon wishlist for a while and the price is decent – £9 with the 10% discount, so I grab it. We arrange plans for the evening via Dan texting people and me talking to Tony, and then head out to grab food for the night from a supermarket.

5:30pm We arrive back, meeting Chris again along the way. He reassures me he hasn’t been waiting long, and then we go inside and put the food away. Laura arrives back, and I check that the fudge I’m making really is gluten-free before putting snacks out and slow cooking the fudge.

7pm Susan, Lex and Mike arrive again. Since we’re still waiting for Tony, they decide to play Cards Against Humanity. I was Cards Against Humanity’d out months ago and would have preferred to play Avalon, but I go along with it anyway.

Somewhere along the line there’s been some miscommunication and Susan, Lex and Mike have turned up with pizzas. Along with the five I bought, and the pizza we had the previous night, there are now boxes everywhere. Luckily the house next door is currently unoccupied, so I dump everything in their recycling bin as ours is overflowing. I can’t be bothered to cook a pizza for myself so I snack on crisps.

9pm There’s still no sign of Tony, so I message him and he says to play something else, so we start a game of Robo Rally. This is a game I enjoyed the first time I played it, but after getting a good lead at the beginning, I burn out quickly and lose interest. As it’s being played with seven people and I’m multi-tasking by making fudge and cooking dessert (chocolate brownie) pizzas, it’s a little slow.


Another friend, Matt, turns up after everyone suddenly realised no one had texted him to invite him over and quickly rectified it. Oops!

10pm Tony arrives and trades places with Susan to play Robo Rally. I knew it would be exactly the kind of game that Tony loves and I was spot on. We’re winding each other up about hitting each other with lasers and it’s great.

11:30pm I’m getting tired, my back hurts, and I can tell that the game is going to go on for ever, so I duck out and sit on the sofa with Chief and Susan. I play some Hyrule Warriors and do a bit of clearing up; with nine people in the house, several of whom are drinking, past experience has taught me it’s vital to keep on top of it.


1am People start to leave, apart from Tony, and of course Dan and Laura. I end up chatting to Tony for an hour about all kinds of things, and then I go to bed.

2am I read for a bit, and then finally fall asleep.


8:30am I’m still tired but I wake up when I hear the sound of the key in the door. It turns out that Tony left early after his lift arrived early. I go back to sleep.

10am I get up, do some more clearing up, feed the cats, and then prepare breakfast. It’s warm baguettes with cheese or jams.


We watch cartoons until 11, which is when I start to get antsy because I have a train to catch. I’m meeting my cousin in Sheffield.

11:15am I say bye to Dan and Laura, lock up, and rush to the tram stop. For some reason the trams seem to be slightly delayed, and I make it to the train with literally a minute to spare.

11:45am The train’s nice and quiet, which means I don’t bother to make my way to my reserved seat.


The journey’s only short, but I’ve got a new book to start and it goes quickly.


12:30pm I meet my cousin and we go to lunch at Bill’s. I don’t normally eat much red meat, but the lamb koftas sound really appealing, so I order them and a watermelon and raspberry juice. Both good choices.


We decide against dessert but I have a pink lemonade ice cream float, which fizzes everywhere, freaking the waitresss (and me) out a bit. I’m a bit confused about how to drink the foam without spilling everything everywhere, but it’s all fine in the end.

2pmWe head out to look round Sheffield, making our way past various sculptures to the Winter Garden, which is basically a free place you can walk through and see a lot of tropical plants. A fantastic thing to do on a great November day, and it led into a shop and then a free steel museum (Sheffield is known for its steel industry).







3pm We head back out through the Winter Garden and, randomly, there’s a violin and cello concert going on. It’s such a great surprise and we hang around to listen until the end. The players are excellent and really enthusiastic.



3:45pm It’s starting to get dark now and we wander round the market, where I buy snow cakes (chocolate covered marshmellows) and fudge. We chat to the fudge guy for a while and he tells me I should be on the stage (?!)

4:30pm We decide to head back to the train station, and get lost along the way. It’s a happy accident though, because we stumble across the cathedral – it’s perfect for Instagramming.

The train is really warm and I doze off a couple of times, which I only do when I’m absolutely exhausted because I think I’m going to get robbed or wake up in Scotland or something.

5:30pm I arrive back in Nottingham and wait for the tram from the train station.


5:50pm I collapse on the sofa and put the TV on. The Sky box has been busily recording our scheduled programmes all weekend and there’s only 2% space free. Oops. I put on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK version of Dancing with the Stars) because I’ve recorded it in HD and it’s taking up a lot of space.


Halo comes and sits on my legs and Chief next to my stomach, so there’s a lot of warm purring going on. I’ve hit my 10,000 steps for the day and I’ve been walking up and down hills wearing heeled boots so I’m pretty tired and it’s great to relax. Joe calls and asks what I want for dinner – he’s picking takeaway up. I decide on Chinese.


6:30pm Joe arrives back with food. Mine’s vegetable chow mein and I steal his side salad and a few chips. There’s plenty left over so that’ll do for tomorrow’s dinner as well.


After Strictly’s finished and Joe’s caught up on the internet he’s missed, we watch Masterchef Australia. Strangely enough, it features Sat Bains, who actually has a restaurant just down the road from us that I went to last year.

10:30pm I decide to go to bed because I’m exhausted, and I’m not the only one. Going upstairs I see that Ginge has taken over my bed, and I brush my teeth and curl up with him.


How was your weekend?