Happy March! It’s the first day of meteorological spring today, which means it’s a great time to set some new goals

While I like to have monthly goals as well, setting seasonal goals means my blogging fits in better with my life and there’s less pressure to complete tasks in a short space of time. Super achievable goals? Sign me up.

Making spring blogging goals

What to think about for spring

Anyway, it’s spring now for us north of the equator folk, so here are some things to think about if you’re setting seasonal goals for your blog:

  • Spring clean! It’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. Spring is a great chance to fix things that are broken, replace things that are ugly or outdated, and generally give your website a bit of a spruce up.
  • Days are getting longer (I’m SO excited about this). If you’ve been cooped up all winter (like I have), don’t feel guilty about taking some evenings out just to enjoy them. If it’s warm where you are, you could even take your phone/tablet/laptop out and blog somewhere different.
  • Keep on track: I recently installed a calendar plugin so I can plan posts visually. This is great if you tend to lose motivation or go off-course as soon as the outside starts looking appealing again. Planning is key…even if those plans change further down the line!

Spring goals

Did you miss my previous post on goal setting? If so, check out Setting winter goals for your blog for tips on creating good goals, different stages, and recording your aims.

Revisiting previous goals

If you set any previous blogging goals, it’s time to revisit them. I put mine on a ToDoist list, and this turned out to be a really good way to keep them organised. The biggest pitfall for me was resisting the temptation to add more things to the list. For this reason, I began my (new) Spring Goals list in winter to stop myself getting overwhelmed with new tasks. This turned out to be a good strategy and no doubt I’ll start my Summer Goals list very soon (!)

Overall, I think I set myself some reasonable goals, and they were definitely achievable even though I didn’t get round to completing one of them. Having said that, I did add and complete some other tasks that cropped up along the way, so it’s not all bad

Here’s my list:

Winter goals revisited

‘Work on increasing traffic’ ended up being very different to what I envisaged. Instead of going crazy to achieve this and burning out, I made another list of things I could try and actions I could take to improve traffic long-term. I’m going to share this list in an upcoming blog post, and I feel like it provides a decent framework for starting out. I have a full-time job and a pretty busy life, and sadly I don’t have as much time on my hands as a lot of bloggers, otherwise I would throw myself into it more. However, hopefully I can share my findings and provide some good tips on what’s worked for me by the end of the year.

The sidebar is looking a lot neater now; I’ve removed a lot of broken crap, reorganised all the blog posts into new categories (which took FOREVER) and restyled the ‘Popular’ box so it was more in-keeping with the site’s colour scheme.

I also separated out my drafts into ‘Public’ and ‘Private’, and created an image store (see 5 easy organisation tips for your WordPress website). This instantly made blogging faster, easier and less stressful; I realised that I see drafts as to do list items, and get panicked by how many things I have to do. The reality is that they’re fun, and now that they’re organised properly, my reaction isn’t ‘I’m so behind, what is all this junk?’, but, ‘I’m excited to write about one of these things!’ It instantly made a huge difference.

One thing that was on the list was ‘Improve navigation’. I realised quite quickly that what I need is a new theme, and I made a sketch of what I want it to look like, so hopefully Joe and I will get a chance to create it and make it live this spring. For now, I’m calling adding the individual blog category links to the sidebar a win.

Spring goals

So, what’s on the list for spring? It’s definitely a cleaning up season for me. I want to:

  • Sort out old pages – fix broken things, delete/redirect where needed etc.
  • Improve old posts, particularly in terms of spacing, special characters, and correctly sized header images
  • Go through all plugins and ditch ones that do the same thing or that are no longer used/needed
  • Improve site speed and uptime – with Joe’s help
  • Sort out data – make sure analytics and search console are happy
  • Improve RSS feed – so that it’s more friendly and pulls images through
  • Work on image store – keep uploading and categorising images!
  • Better favicon – this might come in with the new theme
  • Change default image if post has no featured image set – it’s an ugly default right now.

Wish me luck getting all that done by June!

What are your current goals?