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I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict (follow me?). But to be honest, a lot of the things I pin are secret. Here’s a quick guide on secret pinning and seven ways I use secret Pinterest boards for my life and blog.

Let’s get started!

How to create a secret board on Pinterest

Creating secret boards is super simple. Simply head to, go to your profile page, and click ‘Create board’ in the top right. On the website, there’s a ‘Secret’ toggle to make your board secret or not. On the app, there’s a similar ‘Keep board secret’ toggle. Click or tap the toggle and create your board. Now when you add a pin to that board, it will automatically be kept secret.

How to create a secret Pinterest board

Simple! Now you can get secret pinning, so here are some ideas for secret boards.

01. Branding

I’m always forgetting the fonts and colours for my website, so keeping a board with all the details comes in handy. On my branding boards I have logos, colours, fonts, sizes, formatting examples, and much more to help me be consistent. I’m not a big fan of making these public at the moment, because they’re too easily copied, so a secret board is perfect.

Branding: Using secret boards on Pinterest

02. Seasonal boards

If you like your content to always stay relevant, making Christmas, Halloween, and other holiday-themed boards secret during the rest of the year can be a good way to keep your line-up clean. You can un-secret a board whenever you like, so you can bring them out when they’re relevant and ‘hibernate’ them when they’re not.

Bear in mind that people may want to look at your pins at different times of the year though (for example, Mother’s Day varies depending on country), it may confuse people if you have content disappearing and reappearing, and it will stop people repinning content if it’s not available.

03. Friend goals/group projects

Did you know you can invite other people to your secret boards? You can use them for pretty much anything, from party planning to sharing memories.

Here’s an example of a secret board I have with one of my best friends, which we use for pinning healthy recipes, quotes, and exercises, so we can hold each other accountable for reaching our fitness goals:

How to use Pinterest secret boards

Collaborative secret boards can even be used at work to pin competitor content, add useful infographics, create mood and visual boards, and work on joint projects. Throwing a surprise party for a family member? Why not ensure the rest of the family can get involved through sharing their ideas on a secret collaborative board.


Secret boards can be use as a bookmarking tool, allowing you to group posts by topic and find them more easily than a lot of other standard favouriting solutions.

I find them particularly good for visual-based bookmarking, e.g. infographics or sources of design inspiration. You can also see how things look next to each other, for example see how a stock photo looks next to a particular set of colours.

05. Planning

As I’m big on planning, I love using secret boards for things I’m currently working on (or not ready to share yet). To do lists, inspiring blog posts, resources, and goals are all great for this, as are future theme and content plans.

Planning Pinterest Secret Boards

I also use secret boards for old projects and things I’ve already completed, like past themes and website headers. It’s good to look back on them and see what I’ve done before and how much I’ve improved.

06. Content you’re planning to link to

If you create roundups or list posts, grouping and pinning articles on a specific theme makes them easier to find later.

This also works really well for creating a pool of third party content to share on other social media networks, like Twitter, so you always have a bank of images and links to draw from.

07. Unrelated content

Perhaps you like to keep your content focused around one or two themes, or your blog’s niche. If you don’t like to go off-topic, having a secret board about something entirely different is a good way to hide it from the public eye while still making it easy for you to find.

How do you use secret Pinterest boards? Let me know in the comments!