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Links, Lately

Links, lately

My blog posts have always generally reflected what’s going on in my life in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a business focus, sometimes personal, sometimes a combination of the two.

Lately my blog posts have been sporadic at best, and that’s because I’m spending 90% of my waking time obsessed with something I can’t talk about yet (yes, annoying vagueblogging – but you will find out when I’m ready. Promise).

So in the meantime, when I’m short on time and my creative energy is being focused elsewhere, what happens to blog posts here?

A good ol’ fashioned link roundup. At least for now.

I’ve made a list of some really interesting stuff that’s caught my eye recently. No filler, just a wide range of quality content about all kinds of things, so pick out something that you like the look of and relax for a bit

What have you been reading recently?

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