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“I believe that you can learn something from everyone,” he said.

It was one of those slightly tipsy post-work co-worker conversations where everything obvious seems profound, and vice versa. But it’s true.

Last night, I was collapsing under the duvet when I heard a ‘Mrrow’ greeting and saw a flash of white jump up on the bed next to me.

He instantly lay down and started purring happily next to me.

There’s nothing Halo loves more than cuddling right next to me…or on me; he’s even been known to give me a proper back massage. As long as he’s touching some part of me, he’s relaxed and happy.

And as I lay there listening to the rhythmic purring, I could hear the bliss in his voice that was purely an innate reaction to my existence. A Jenni-shaped hole in his universe was filled, and that was all it took for ultimate contentment.

I didn’t need to do anything or prove anything or say anything or be anything other than what I was.


That, in itself, is enough.