‘Because while lots of startups will fail in spite of the hard work and zealous commitment of the whole team, pretty much none succeed without it.’

‘You want people who either want to sleep with you or hate you. The middle is stupid. The middle is wasted. Seriously, no one remembers the middle.’


‘Imagine walking into a store where the biggest sign says ‘exit’’

‘I wanted to know at what point were they at their worst. And how they got better.’

‘If you’re running a business, do you really want to create a situation where part of your business model is reliant on your customer’s apathy?’

‘People operate from two platforms: Fear or Excitement. That’s it. Just those two.’

‘A letter of the law (or peace time) marketer will simply do what marketers are “supposed” to do, in ways they’re supposed to be doing them. They’ll buy Facebook ads. They’ll buy AdWords. They’ll blog. They’ll capture subscribers.

Then there’s that mad scientist or spirit of the law or war time marketer…These people will keep both their customers and their company goals in mind and do whatever it takes to find them and yield results. They’ll use new, emerging channels in atypical ways. They’ll do scrappy, non-scalable things. And, yes, they’ll use the regular array of channels, but they’ll find creative ways to produce results.’

‘Marketers have been using environmental triggers for years to trick us into associating an image or object with the need to buy their products.’

‘Build your business. Don’t buy it.’

‘You’ve launched a brilliant new piece of content everyone is excited about. But a few minutes after it’s sent out into the big wide world, you realise you’ve forgotten to do something. Panic sets in, the phone starts ringing…’

‘Reading about the specifics of someone’s work is actually the best way to learn. Unfortunately, the marketing industry is rather full of entirely meaningless babble like, “Content can take your customers on a journey with you to fall in love with your canned tuna!”‘

‘If you are the SOURCE, then everybody comes back to the source.’

‘To be truly successful, you have to figure out ways to build systems or bring on people to expand whatever you’re doing beyond yourself.’ – How to choose the life you want (and build a business to get it)

‘The email was a huge hit—all tickets were found within moments (and we sold all of our early bird tickets in under 10 minutes with the buzz generated from this email). Email geeks loved the concept and playfulness of the email.’

‘Research found that your opinion of wine largely depends on what kind of music is being played while you drink it. Subjects changed their ratings of the wine by up to 60 percent depending on the soundtrack, which we’re assuming means you could open a joint selling prison-brewed toilet wine by the glass, as long as you played fancy music while people drank.’

‘The four elements in the matrix were labeled: Brilliant & Lazy, Brilliant & Energetic, Dumb & Lazy, and Dumb & Energetic. Curiously, the brilliant and lazy were extolled above all others.’